How to Create a Perfect Pet Portrait – 8 Ways

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Your Pet Portrait Project

Each day we will do a project, where you can take what you have learned from our warm up, artist inspiration, drawing workshop (or something else),  outside activities and anything else thats been offered up. This gives you a chance to make an individual piece of art that you are really proud of! 

This is a chance for older kids and adults to spend some real quality creative time; exploring new ideas, working different materials, and developing your own creative practice! 

Your project today is to make a pet portrait. That’s it – really simple, BUT, I want you to think about what we have been exploring. Let’s recap to help you get inspired. 

  • Collage work – revisit our warm up activity and make a huge collage using different papers, texture, and other materials to create the shapes and colours… Make it funny!
  • Denise Fiedler – remember her torn up newspaper pictures? 
  • Svetlana Petrova and her lovely ginger cat – can you remake a famous piece of art with a funny pet portrait?  
  • Karla Schuster – remember I said you may want to revisit this beautiful work when we do our project? Now is the time to get inspired by her intricate collage work. Maybe you would like to make your own version? Use all kinds of paper from magazines, newspaper, wrapping paper, scrap or whatever else you can find. Add string, buttons, fabric, or other craft materials. Focus on the texture and colours, but don’t forget the details of the animal too! 
  • Drawing – if you enjoyed drawing, maybe you could do a large scale and detailed drawing of your favourite pet? Take your time, and experiment with different pens and pencils..
  • Fill Your Page – maybe you really enjoyed this idea of filling a page with lots of little drawings? Can you scale it up, and make a large painting using the same idea? Make it all one colour, or have every animal a completely different colour. There’s an image below to inspire you. 
  • Clay work – if you liked working with clay, and have enough materials perhaps you would like to work on a clay sculpture? Try working very very small and make mini pets, or make a large clay portrait.. 
  • Romero Britto – Be inspired by our artist of the day, and make a beautiful Britto style pet portrait. Use curvy lines, bright colours, patters, bold black lines and make the painting super happy and fun! 
  • Something Else – if you have another idea, then go for it! I can’t wait to see you what you all come up with!

Here are some more pictures to inspire you!

I am so excited to see what you make – feel free to share anytime! Have lots of fun, and when you are ready, check out our Journal Prompts below… 

Journal Prompts


For your final part of each day of Art Camp, I would encourage you to spend a few minutes reflecting on your day. It helps to close the day of activities, and allows time to think about what you did and didn’t like, things you have done really well at, and things you felt frustrated by, or want to improve on!

Journalling can be tough for little ones, as they don’t know where to start, or don’t enjoy writing yet – thats OK – just allow them the page and a bit of time to doodle, scribble, cut and paste, or colour. You can talk aloud about what you have done together, and you can make notes in your own journal instead.

Here are some simple questions to ask out loud, or in your journals:

  • What was your favourite thing you did today?
  • What are you proud of?
  • What did you find difficult?
  • What was the nicest material to work with?
  • What would you like to work on another day?

Here are some more fun journal prompts to draw or write around

  • Your perfect pet – what is it? what does it look like?
  • What if your favourite cuddly toy came alive?
  • Is there a secret place in your house or garden where tiny little pets live?
  • What wild animal would make a great pet if it was much bigger or much smaller?
  • What would you be if you were someone’s pet?

Have fun, feel free to share your pages… 

Thanks for Sharing!
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