How to Draw Awesome Rockets, Aliens and Planets

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Peter Thorpe Rocket Illustration
Peter Thorpe

Hello, happy Tuesday! Today we are zooming up into outer space! We are going to do a drawing workshop with some how to guides, and a drawing game! Then later we will be getting crafty with some awesome space makes! 

Let’s get going! 

How to Draw a Rocket

Thanks to Rauno for this Easy Drawing Guide on how to draw a rocket! If you want to make it more cute and cartoony, you basically need to squash it and make it more rounded. 

How to Draw an Alien

Aliens are one of the most fun things to draw, because no-one knows what “aliens” really look like, so you can basically make them look exactly how you want! I’ve included a guide to help you get started, but you can make your alien with three heads, seven arms, a curly tail, ten eyes or a pogo stick for a leg! This is one you can really creative with! 

How to Draw Saturn

Saturn can be tricky to draw because of its wonderful rings; for it to look “right”, you need to get the back part of the ring behind the planet and the front part in front! This how to guide shows you how to achieve just that! Give it a go!

Of course to draw other planets, without the rings, you can draw the circle parts and then add stripes, spots or swirls. 

A Fun Drawing Game - "Simon Says"

Hopefully you know the game Simon Says? In case you don’t know, it’s an old kid’s game, where the leader gives instructions, such as “Simon Says jump 3 times”, “Simon Says turn around”, and the children must do that, but when the instruction doesn’t include “Simon Says” they shouldn’t do it! It’s a game to get kids listening and paying attention, and it’s fun! 

Well the drawing version of Simon Says, is exactly what you would imagine – the instructions are things like “Simon Says draw a circle/star/cloud”, and you can theme the game, which is what I am asking you to try today. So you’d ask for things like rocket, stars, planets, aliens, comets, shooting stars, meteors, the moon, the sun, the moon, etc…You can include words too. 

It’s a great way to get children to draw quickly without overthinking things, and to get a good feel for a subject matter you are covering.  Have fun with it, and you might want to set a 2, 5 or 10 minute timer, otherwise it can go on and on! 😉 

Nebula Guards - Tony Vegas

Lunchtime Viewing

Your film today, is a scene from the awesome film Wall-E, (if you haven’t seen it, do, its brilliant!), its a scene where two space robots “dance” together in space… I love it, hope you do too! 

Come back after lunch for some super space crafts!

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