9 Art and Craft Ideas to Make Beautiful Flowers

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Flowers - Andy Warhol

This afternoon I have some beautiful flower inspired art and crafts for you! Flowers are such a perfect subject for art – there are so many colours, patterns, shapes and textures to be inspired by! What is your favourite flower? I love tulips and poppies!  

Flower Art and Craft Activities

Bubble Paint Hydrangeas

This is an absolutely beautiful and clever art idea from A Piece of Rainbow which I can’t wait to try! 

Mixed Media Flowers

These mixed media flowers from Buggy and Buddy are super! I love projects that use bits and pieces that you might have at home – newspaper, cardboard, scraps of paper! These are great for all ages too! 

Colourful Flower Collage

Collages are always fun, and a good way to use old magazines or scrap paper. I love this multi coloured flower from Hands On as We Grow. Perhaps you could use the Takashi Murakami flowers as your outline, and colour them in brightly coloured collage paper! 

Flower Printing - Four Ways

Here are four ways to use printmaking techniques to make beautiful flowers! 

Pom Pom Prints from Crafty Morning

Toilet Roll Printing from Non Toy Gifts

Fingerprint Snapdragos from BusyMommyMedia

Straw Stamp Flowers from Crafts Met Kids

These ideas are great, especially for younger children. Which one will you try? 


Bottle Cap Flower Sculptures

More recycled art! These bottle top flowers are lovely – you could make lots and lots of different coloured flowers and fill your garden with them! You could even make a bouquet and give them to a friend.

How about colour each petal a different colour, and pop a smiling face in the middle, and make a Murakami style flower? 

Egg Carton Flowers

Another sculptural idea, and more recycling! I Heart Arts n Crafts show you how to make these pretty egg carton flowers! 

Kandinsky Paper Flowers

Kandisnky is a great artist for kids to study, as his work is based on colour and shape, and how they work together. I really love this paper craft inspired by Wassily Kandinsky from Twitchetts. Click the post to see how they did it. 

Flower Petal Mandalas

How about using actual flowers to make some beautiful mandalas? 

Mandala simply translates to  “circle”.  Mandalas are used in some spiritual practices, like Buddhism and Hinduism, as a way of meditating. They also symbolise the continual circle of life, and the connection between our inner selves and the outside world.  They are also very beautiful and can teach us about symmetry, geometry, and composition. Have a go!

Pebble Flowers

There are lots of ways to use pebbles to make flower sculptures – these are three that I have found! I love the natural colours, but the painted flowers are very beautiful too! Have a go with some pebbles or stones in your garden or perhaps you could find some on a walk, or at the beach?

I’d love to see anything you make today! 

Afternoon Watching

I have an extra film for you to watch today, instead of reading… it is perfect for today’s topic and is very beautiful… enjoy! 

Journal Prompts


You could go back to the drawing workshop for your journal pages today, or here are some other ideas: 

  • Fill your page with flowers of all shapes, sizes and colours
  • Have a go at flower pressing.. 
  • Write a list of all your favourite flowers, or see how many flowers you can think of – perhaps turn it into a little game with your family to see who can think of the most in a certain amount of time?
  • Can you make some flower people? Give them faces and names…
  • Write an acrostic poem using FLOWERS
  • Design a flower garden on your page, label or colour it in…
See you tomorrow for a catch up day, and on Thursday we will be exploring how art and gardening can merge perfectly to help us grow things! 

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