How to Draw Rabbits, Kittens and More Cute Pets

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Drawing is SO hard!

I can’t tell you how many children and adults alike tell me that drawing is so hard, or that they can’t draw! Even I am guilty of saying it. Whilst, drawing might not be my most favourite type of art (I love to paint with bright colours!), I definitely can draw, and so can you – even if you think you can’t! And I am going to show you how… 

daschund drawing
Leonardo da Vinci

but... Drawing is Boring!

Yep, I hear this one all the time too, and yep, you’re wrong again! Some people think that drawing means sitting still, with one boring old pencil, trying to copy a bowl of fruit perfectly. Well, sure you can do that if you want, but drawing can be so much more fun than that! 

Drawing can mean drawing patterns and doodles, or making up cute characters, you could draw a comic strip, or draw your name out in big bubble letters… there are so many different ways to draw that are definitely NOT boring! 

Let's Draw Together

Today, we are going to draw pets! Animals can be really tricky to draw, and its easy to feel frustrated when you just can’t get your drawing to look the way you want it to. One of the easiest ways to overcome this problem is to use step-by-step drawing guides.

You can pretty much google “how to draw…..” anything and you will find something to help. Today I am going to share some of my favourite pet drawing how to guides with you from Simone Lia, and Love to Draw Things, so you can have a go. You can find them below.

Click through to The Guardian to read Simone Lia’s brilliant how to guide on drawing bunnies. Its funny and sweet and you will be able to draw awesome little bunnies at the end! 


Kittens in a basket
Cute Lamb

Click on the images above to go to the tutorials, and then have a go, and be sure to let me know how you get on… 

  • Here is a TOP TIP for you – when you are trying to draw something that looks like a real thing, or you are trying to copy a drawing, the magic key to success is… LOOKING… yes, really. You have to look hard at what you are copying, pay attention to all the parts. Break it up into little bits – start with one line, then look at what joins onto that, draw that, then look again, what comes next…. 
  • Here’s another tip… don’t stress! If you don’t get it right first time, don’t worry. Turn your paper over, or get a new sheet and just try again. Practice, practice, practice. Drawing is like anything – you need to do it to get better at it. Your hand muscles need practice to get stronger, your eyes and brain need practice to get better at looking and copying. So don’t stress, and just enjoy your time making pictures. You will get better, promise!
fill a page with guinea pigs

Drawing Game - Fill Your Page

If you have finished your how to guide, or you didn’t want to do that to start with, here is a fun drawing activity to do. 


Fill Your Page is very simple. Pick an animal, and fill your page with as many different drawings of that animal as you can. For example, fill your page with as many different goldfish as you can, or fill your page with as many different dogs as you can. 


There are no rules. You can use colours, you can just use a pencil or black pen. You could draw a border first. You could draw absolutely loads of tiny pictures, or you could do your pictures all different sizes. Its totally up to you! Have fun! 

Before you go...

Here’s some fun lunchtime viewing for you – this is such a sweet short film, called My Happy End. Enjoy! 


See you later for some outdoor crafts, a little light reading and an end of the day journal prompt… 

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