Amazing Oceans – Appreciating Art and How to Draw Waves

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Good morning, how are you guys doing? It’s been lovely to see some of the things you have been up to this week – we have some talented drawers in our midst! Do keep sharing on our FB group or by email or instagram DM if you prefer. 

Alfremov Far and Away in the Sea
Far and Away in the Sea - Leonid Alfremov

Today we are exploring sea-scapes! Seascapes can be above or under the water, and they can be realistic or abstract, they can include sea life or not. They may also have people or boats, and can include beautiful skies and sunsets! 

We are going to ease into the morning looking at some seascapes by other artists, and decided what we like and don’t like, exploring their techniques and effects, and reflecting on the works in order to help us create our own seascape later on. 

Appreciating Art

The Great Wave off Kanagawa
The Great Wave off Kanagawa - Hokusai

As budding artists, it’s important, not only to make art, but to look at, appreciate and reflect on existing artworks. Even for you littlest artists, you can still look at a painting and know if you like it or not, right? We start building a visual opinion from about 6 months old, and this develops all through our lives and is dependant on many things, including what we get to look at! So, on that note, let’s look at some art! 

William Turner - Snow Storm
Snow Storm - William Turner

As you look at each painting, think about if you like the painting or not, and why or why not? Is it the colours, the texture, the composition (the way things are put together on the page), the paint strokes, or something else? You could talk aloud with your family, or note down your thoughts in your journal. 

Under the Sea The Great Barrier Reef - Jojo Spook

Parent/Carer Note: As I said even the youngest of children can form an opinion about most things, as I’m sure you know! Sometimes with “grown up” art, they made need a few prompts or questions to get them thinking analytically and reflectively. Ask simple questions like, “do you like this picture?”, “what do you like about it?”, and model answers too, “I really like the way the bright colours seem to pop out of the page with the brush strokes”. 

Bondi Beach Gray Malin
Bondi Beach - Grey Malin
Andreas Achenbach (1815-1910), Clearing up – Coast of Sicily, 1847
Clearing up Coast of Sicily - Andreas Achenbach
The Birth of Venus - Botticelli
Nite Beach - David De Mars

Do you see any symbolism, or deeper meanings in the paintings? Have you seen anything that inspires you?


If you are enjoying perusing art, a quick google of “famous sea paintings” will give you many more to look at… Maybe print off some of your favourites and stick them in your journal. 

This afternoon we will be creating our own seascapes, but before then we are going to do a quick drawing workshop to get our hands warmed up and our brains moving! 


Let's Draw

Today’s drawing workshop is how to draw waves! Waves are something that people really seem to struggle with, me included! As we are exploring whole sea scapes today, I thought it would be good to dive into these tricky waves and emerge the other side with a new skill! Who is with me?

wave quote

Ive got a few tutorials for you here, and Ive put them roughly in difficulty order, so you can either work through them, or start with the one you think fits your ability level. If there is a link to more info you can just click on each image, otherwise, its a simple case of having a go and copying! Have fun!  

No link, just give it a go
dotted waves
Click to print off
No link, just copy
Simple Semi Circle Waves
Lots of curved lines, have a go!
How to draw a wave
Click for more
wave doodle
No link for this one, just have a go!
How to Draw a Wave
Click for more

This last one looks lovely – I might try this one… 

I hope you had fun with this! I’ll leave you with a lovely film, and see you later on! 

Lunchtime Viewing

Jonas and the Sea  -Jonas has dreamed of living in the sea all his life. But it’s not possible. Or is it?

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