Amazing Oceans – Seven Ways to Make a Sea Scape

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7 ways to make a sea scape

Let's Paint Seascapes

The Coral Reef - Poppy

This afternoon we are making seascapes! This is a great project to bring our work so far this week together! We can use the sea creatures we made on Monday, and the abstract art we did on Tuesday, plus all the other bits and pieces from drawing workshops and the artist inspirations we have explored this week so far! If you are just joining us, or haven’t been able to catch up with this week, then don’t worry – you can jump right in here! 

You can use any of the work you have already and go ahead and make any kind of seascape you want, but if you need some more ideas, I have a few great ones here! Maybe you’d like to have another go at the abstract art we explored on Tuesday? If not, scroll on for more ideas…

Seascape Collage

I love this paper collage project from Hannah’s Art Club – the torn paper edges are just brilliant to show the foamy waves. Click the post for all the instructions. 

Silhouette Sea Scapes

silhouette art 1

How about some more silhouette art? If you have been following art camp from the start, you will remember thesilhouette sunset art we did in week 1. Use watercolours, acrylics or collage for your background, and then get to work creating your silhouette shapes from black paper, or as paintings.

Paper Plate Ocean Scapes

from Craft Project Ideas
paper plate ocean 2
from The Imagination Tree

These paper plate sea scapes are lovely ideas, especially for younger children. I love the porthole, and it reminds me of today’s film, Jonas and the sea, so this could be a nice one to try! 

Paper Seascapes

I love this beautiful piece of art from VA Pinx (Etsy shop) You could create something similar with layers of paper – perhaps use watercolours to create the different shades of blue, and then cut the paper into wavy shapes. You could create the stars, moons or any other detail with paint or stickers or pastels. Click through to the etsy shop for other ideas. 

How About a Seascape Snack?

So this is a bit different, but what fun? I know we don’t have Graham crackers in the UK, but we have alternatives that would work, and I’m sure you could find Goldfish crackers somewhere! 

Bubblewrap Printing

I can’t find the credit for this lovely piece of work, but bubblewrap printing is a common technique to create seascapes, as the bubbles just give off that watery feel so perfectly! I really like the colour contrast here between the water and the goldfish! 

Salt, Pastels and Watercolours

I love this from Ocean Art Project from Buggy and Buddy – it uses oil pastels, watercolours and salt to get the awesome affects – click the post for all the instructions. 

I can’t wait to see what you create! 

A Little Light Reading

the wavelets,
at our toes.
as my boy
and i comb
the tideline,
for tiny treasures.
curls blowing,
ever which way
in the salt
tanged breeze.
little hand holds
red bucket,
of shells
already collected
is a comforting sound.
as we
meander along,
soon we
will turn
wander homeward
to warmth
leaving the sealife
to their own
the next time.

Journal Prompts

pretty underwater
  • What seascape do you wish you could go to right now? Would you love to live under the sea like Jonas? Or bask on a hot beach somewhere? Write about it, or draw some doodles  
  • Write a story as if you were a sea creature or a human living in the sea scape you created… 
  • Have a go at writing an Acrostic poem using the letters SEA SCAPE… 
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