African Animals – How to Make an African Silhouette Sunset Picture

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Jan Patrick Savannah Animals

Good morning Campers! I hope you had fun yesterday – we learned a lot and I may have kept you very busy with all the different activities… Today we are slowing down a little with a saunter around Africa, discovering the amazing animals that live in the Savannah… I know a lot of you love elephants, cheetahs and giraffes, so Im sure this will be fun for everyone. 

savannah sillhouette

Warm Up - Sunset Silhouettes

Our warm up this morning is to make a beautiful sunset silhouette which includes your favourite African animals. 

What supplies do you need to do this?

  • Plain paper or card
  • Scissors 
  • Glue or tape 
  • A pen or pencil
  • Paint, pastels, pens, crayons, coloured pencils, or coloured paper
  • Black paper / card, or black paint, black pens, crayons, etc, or a printer with black ink.

To start with you will need to make or paint your sunset. There are lots of ways to do this. You could use water colours or acrylics with plenty of water to blend the colours, or you could use pastels and smudge the colours together… if you have coloured paper you could rip strips of orange, red, yellow and pink and layer them on the paper to create a sunset effect, or you could collage little bits like a mosaic. What other ways can you think of? 

You might find this tutorial useful…. 

Once you have done your sunset, you can leave it to dry and start making you silhouettes. There are a few ways to do this too, depending on age, ability and time allowed. You can paint straight onto the sunset if you are feeling confident!

  • You could paint or colour onto a separate piece of paper and then cut the animals out. 
  • You could draw on black paper and then cut the animals out ready to stick on.
  •  You could use a template, print it off and cut it out – there are a couple below that you can click on and print! 
  •  You could google free colouring pages too, if you want the outline of the animal to colour or paint on. 

How about some music?

We always have music playing in our house, and if we are learning about a different country or culture we try to include some music too! So if you want a bit of African music accompanying your art today, I can suggest the following three groups: 

  1. The Soweto String Quartet 
  2. Ladysmith Black Mambazo 
  3. African Classical Music Ensemble

You can listen to all 3 free on Spotify (setting up an account is free if you don’t have one) or have a rummage on Youtube – here is one of our favourites… 

Have fun making your African sunsets, I can’t wait to see them, and Ill see you again when you are ready, fo our daily dose of artist inspiration… Don’t forget to share what you make on our Facebook group!

Thanks for Sharing!
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