Amazing Oceans – Play Recipes to Make Sea Sculptures

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Play recipes to make sea sculptures

Happy Friday happy campers! And welcome if you are new to Art Camp – You can catch up with all the posts by using the menu item – Art Camp – which brings up each day! 

Lady Seahorse Sculpture by Andrzej Szymczyk
Lady Seahorse - Andrzej Szymczyk

We have done a lot of drawing and painting this week, so today I am dedicating the whole day to sculpture and 3D Art! I have some beautiful ideas to share with you later, including a diorama that we made a couple of weeks ago, but before that I have a warm up activity and our usual bits and pieces.

Warm Up Your Hands

Play dough and clay are great materials to wake up our hands and explore ideas around 3D art and sculpture, plus they are great fun to play with, however old you are! Here are some recipes and ideas for you to try this morning. 

This is my own recipe from my old blog, and I can tell you that it’s great, and super versatile, and very easy to make! It also makes everlasting sculptures

This is another of my recipes, and is simple and lovely! Of course, play dough lasts for ages, and can be played with in lots of different ways!

Yep, you guessed it, it’s another one of my recipes! This is a lovely sensory activity and can be used over and over again! 

Or how about some lovely Ocean Play Dough from Stay at Home Educator? You can use food colouring or paint to colour playdough – in my experience paste food colouring works best as the colours are strong! Perhaps you could add glitter too? 


Don’t worry about making anything specific with your dough or clay – just play and see what happens, let your hand and finger muscles warm up as you stretch, knead and mould the dough! Of course keep anything you make that you like – you might want to use it as inspiration for your sculpture this afternoon? Or you could take pictures of your makes so you can re-use your dough. Stick the pictures in your sketchbook or journal! 


Artist Inspiration

Here are some awesome sculptures to inspire you! Take a look, and make a note of anything you like the look of for later on! 

Mexican Shell Sculpture
Mexican Shell Sculpture - Julie Weaver

Isn’t this beautiful, and so simple and clever! 

Beach Art from Sculpt the World
Beach Art from Sculpt the World

Land art – or beach art – in this case can be so beautiful, using nothing but the natural materials found in the space you are in… perhaps if you manage to get to the beach, you can have a go at this? 

Sand Octopus
Octopus by Rachel Derr

Isn’t this wonderful? Using the sand itself at the beach to make beautiful sculptures – what would you make? My kids always like to build mermaid tails around themselves, but this has inspired us to try some different things next time we head to the beach. 

Recycled Art - sadly I can't find the Artist

This is so beautiful… A lot of artists are using plastic recycling to create sea sculptures and sea art now, as a way of raising awareness of sea conservation and the plastic pollution problem. 

Jellyfish metal sculpture, by Giannis Dendrinos,
Jellyfish Metal Sculpture - Giannis Dendrinos

Jellyfish feature a lot in art, as you may have realised! They’re shape and tactile tentacles, bright colours, and mysterious nature are clearly quite inspirational! This piece is quite extraordinary for it’s size a lone, let alone the use of materials! Obviously its not something you can recreate at home, but it is certainly inspiring! 


I’ll leave you with that one, while we move onto our film for today! 

Lunchtime Viewing

Aardman animations are one of the world’s best 3D animation studios using clay to make their characters and meticulously animating them frame by frame. I am sharing this Greenpeace endorses campaign animation Turtle Journey, and also the making of the film, so you can see the work that goes into these films! 

Thanks for Sharing!
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