Amazing Oceans – Drawing Workshop – How to Draw Sea Creatures

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Good morning campers, and happy Monday! We are back for week 3 already; time is just wizzing away! I hope you are enjoying Art Camp so far – do let me know how you are getting on. I love seeing all your pictures! 

Ocean Waves - Boyan Dimitrov

This week our theme is Amazing Oceans, and we will be delving deep into the sea and into our creativity, whilst we explore amazing sea creatures, all the colours of the ocean, the jewels of the coral reef,  and even some mythical mermaids…. 

Sea Creatures

monterey bronze Nadia Attura
Monterry Bronze - Nadia Aturra

This morning we are going to start by thinking about some of our favourite sea creatures,  looking at some art work to inspire us, followed by a drawing workshop. These three things will help us be ready for our afternoon project of making a picture, sculpture or otherwise of our favourite sea creatures. 

The first thing Id like you to do is to grab your journal or sketchbook and a pencil, and think about your favourite sea creatures. Talk with your family, and ask for help if you need it. 

Here are some of our favourites: 

Seahorses, crabs, dolphins, starfish, turtles, angel fish, jellyfish, coral, anemones, sharks… to name a few! 

What about you? What are your favourites? Jot them down in your journal. For older children, you can write a short sentence about why they are your favourite, or words that describe them. 

my lobster
Lobster Friend - by me

Let's Draw

Now you have picked a few of your favourites, let’s try and draw some… I’m going to share some drawing tutorials with you, but if you don’t see your creatures here, just have google and see what you can find – the internet is full of useful stuff when you start looking! Give me a shout if you need any help 🙂 Click on the image to take you to the tutorial! 

As I said, if the sea creature you want to draw isn’t featured here, just google what you’re looking for! Remember, you don’t just have to draw in a regular pencil – try coloured pencils, charcoal, or a blue biro could be good for all things sea related? Or try drawing in a black felt tip, then using coloured pencils or chalk to colour it in… see what different effects you get! 

under-the-sea-Ira Samolina
Under the Se - Ira Semolina

Have a go at drawing as many different sea creatures as you want, and remember practice makes perfect, so keep on! 

EXTRA: Do you remember the Fill Your Page game from week 1’s drawing workshop? Can you fill your page with little drawings of sea creatures?

OR: Grab your coloured pencils and work on colouring one of your drawings. Remember you can use more or less pressure on the pencil to achieve shade and form, and you can mix your colours to create tone and tints. Experiment and have fun – that’s what sketchbooks are for! 🙂 

Lunchtime Viewing

Here is a stop motion animation based on the legend of the selkie – a girl who magically turns into a seal – created by 2 sisters. The sisters created everything seen and heard in this film together by hand. I think it’s lovely… 

The film won the Huey Award at the Maine Student Film & Video Festival during the Maine International Film Festival (MIFF) in 2019. 

How to Draw Sea Creatures
Thanks for Sharing!
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