Amazing Oceans – How to Draw Selkie Seals & Six Mermaid Crafts

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Seals and Selkies...

Selkie Maiden - Catherine Moore

If you want to know more about Selkies, you might want to scroll to the bottom of the post and listen to the story I’ve shared with you today… but, in short, Selkies are from Celtic mythological, and are sea creatures that are half human and half seal, but they can never really be free of the call of the sea, no matter the human ties they may find on shore. 

They are different from mermaids; where mermaids have the top half of a human body and the bottom half of a fish body, the Selkie is a seal, that can shed her seal skin (see the painting above) and become fully human, and then become a seal once more… Do you remember the short film Ocean Child, that I shared with you on Monday? That was all about the legend of the Selkie too! 

credit unknown

Let's Draw Seals...

Click the images to take you to the tutorials. Have a go… and perhaps you could add a few stars and swirls of magic around your seals to help them become Selkies too! 


Selkie by Sharon Singer
Selkie by Sharon Singer


Mermaid Family - Edward Burne Jones

Mermaids are much more well known than Selkies, and there are a lot more artworks, films, stories, and art activities, based on mermaids, out there! Perhaps they capture our imagination a bit more because they are two things at once! 

If you would like to dive deeper into the mermaid world, I have some mermaid art and craft ideas for you this afternoon… 

Mermaid Rocks

Mermaid Silhouette Painting

Cardboard Collaged Mermaid

Mermaid Wands

TP Roll Mermaid Dolls

Mermaid Lanterns

So there you go, a few things to keep you busy this Sunday… There’s no film or reading today, as I have shared so many stories and animations with you this week; I think have it all covered! Finish up your week with a last bit of journalling… 

Journal Prompts

mermaid tail doodle

Use your journal today to write stories, poems, fables and myths… 

  • What happens when the selkie and the mermaid meet? 
  • What would you do if you met either a mermaid or a selkie? Would you be afraid or excited? What would you say and do? 
  • Can you create a new mythological underwater creature? Sketch it and note down some descriptive words, or a paragraph about its origins… what would it be called?
  • If you don’t feel like writing, draw a mermaid’s tale or a seal, and fill it with doodles… 

What a week?! I hope you have had fun. 

We are slowing right down next week, as we move onto our theme of Kindness… 

Sharing is Caring

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mermaid crafts
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