Summer Salve


Summer Salve is a month long summer inspired email course, curated to energise your spirit, inspire creativity and encourage deep connections with yourself and the world around you. We will start on the 30th July for one months.

The course is full of poetry, provocations, art, mindfulness, self-care, music, writing and creative prompts, recipes, reading material, gardening ideas, celebrations and more… We also have guest writers who make unique and beautiful contributions with film, creative family living, dance and movement, gratitude, connecting with the Earth, yoga and herbalism. They really are a treat.

We will celebrate Lammas, the summer harvest festival, and enjoy full moon festivities, as well as four themed weeks which will guide us to make the most of the summer.

You will also be invited to join a small but wonderful community of like minded people in our secret Facebook group, where I share extra inspiration and ideas.

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