Spring Fling


Spring Fling is a 7 week long love affair with Spring, offered to you in the form of an online email based course running from the waxing Crescent Moon on the 19th March to the May Day festival of Beltane on the 1st May.



This course will gently inspire you with poetry, art, creative prompts, journalling, self-care, music, recipes, book recommendations, simple rituals, mindfulness, nature connections and much more. We will continue to develop a gratitude practice, explore our creativity and sharpen our seasonal instincts, in order to make the most of each season and each day, even in these strange times.


We will be celebrating the ancient Spring festival of Ostara (also known as Spring Equinox) on the 20th March, exploring Easter traditions on the 4th April, and end with the joyous festivities of Beltane. During the seven weeks we will also be enjoying World Poetry Day, Book Night, Earth Day, the full moon, and more… This time in the year is a time of new life, new energy, creativity and celebration, and there really is so much to celebrate!


Following the wonderful feedback from my Winter Remedy participants, I am so excited to offer this course!


You will receive an email at least three times a week, each of which will be carefully curated around a seasonal topic. These emails will weave an intricate and intuitive path through the Springtime months, which you can stroll – or skip – down; guided by me, and some amazing guest writers!


In addition to the emails, you will be invited to a safe and private Facebook group where you can meet the other participants, make new friends, share your creative endeavours and find a few bonuses! If you don’t get on with Facebook, you can find snippets of the course on Instagram, and you are welcome to share with me there or via email. I am always on hand to offer feedback and support.


This course will help to lighten your spirit after the tricky winter months, enrich your life with arts and literature, and stir your heart once again… I really hope you will join me on this journey into Spring!


I am offering this as  pay-what-you-can course, as I know that times are tough for many of us, and I would love to reach as many people as I can. The minimum cost is just £7, (thats just £1 a week!), which helps me to cover the administration costs, but you can simply add any amount you wish over £7, paying whatever you want or can. Thank you!

Be sure to sign up and then check out below!



  • Runs from 18th March to 1st May, 2022.
  • Delivered to your inbox, at least three emails a week for 7 weeks!
  • Pay what you can
  • Includes Ostara, Easter, full moon and Beltane celebrations!
  • Offers art, poetry, music, self care, creative prompts, recipes, book recommendations, nature connections and more…
  • Develops mindfulness, simple rituals, gratitude and improves well being
  • Private Facebook group to meet other participants and share thoughts, ideas, creative endeavours, pictures…
  • Aims to lighten, inspire, and enrich your spirit and heart as we celebrate Spring with wholeheartedness!


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