Amazing Oceans – How to Explore the Colours of the Sea

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Welcome to our third Tuesday! Yesterday we explored creatures of the sea,  and today we are discovering all the colours of the sea! Of course, what comes to mind when we think of the colour of the sea is – blue! Everyone knows the sea is blue, right? Or is it?! 

Ocean (1120), by Agostino Veroni
Ocean - Agostino Veroni

We are going to start off today looking at all the colours that exist in the deep blue sea, and find ways to display these colours in our journals. 

Sea Colours


I’d like you to make a colour wheel, colour palette, or something similar, in your journal, that shows all the colours of your ocean in a simple and pleasing way… 


This is a fairly standard colour wheel. Can you make one using all the colours of your ocean? The easiest way to do it is to draw around something circular. and then split it up like you are cutting a pie or cake. Then colour each segment a different colour or shade!

You could make swatches instead, like picture this from Apartment Therapy. How many different blues can you find or make? What other colours are in your sea?


colour cjhart

You can do this with felt tips, coloured pencils, paints, crayons, or cutting colours out of magazines or scrap paper…

Maybe you could add some colour to show some sea life? Perhaps your sea has loads of green sea weed? Whatever colours you include, have fun creating your wheel or swatch, and feel free to share! Now onto our drawing workshop… 

Let's Draw

Today’s drawing workshop is a little different. We are going to draw the letters of a word relating to the ocean in big bubble or fancy letters, and then I would like you to spend time decorating your letters with patterns, pictures, and most importantly, colours! 


Some words you could choose: 

Ocean, sea, sea life, coast, underwater, shells, rock pools, beach, blue, deep sea… Grab pencils, pens, crayons or paints to decorate your letters. If you’d rather, you could do this for your end of day journalling 🙂 

Lunchtime Viewing

The Sea is Blue – This beautiful and strange stop motion fable explains how the ocean got its colour. Why do you think the sea is blue? 

How to explore the colours of the sea
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