Four Ways You Can Make Fabulous Forest Animal Art

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Afternoon Activities

Diary of a forest gir;

As we are exploring forests and woodlands today, I would suggest you try and spend as much time outside as you can, therefore this afternoon’s activities are all outdoor based. If you can’t get outside, don’t worry, you can still do them inside. 

I have three ideas for you – clay and nature hedgehogs (and other animals, leaf animals, and some printmaking… 

Clay hedgehogs and other animals...


Rain sticks are pretty easy to make. 

You will need: 

  • Clay or a similar material (see day one for alternatives)
  • Twigs or other natural bits and pieces 
  • You could add googley eyes if you’ve got them

When Jake and Poppy made clay hedgehogs, Poppy used bits of pine cones to make the spikes, and Jake made spikes with the clay using a sharp stick – what natural material can you find in your garden or on a walk to make your hedgehog spikes? Can you make any other animals? Here’s a few ideas for you, including a short video tutorial! 

There are lots of animals you could make… I love the idea of using the clay to make little forest creature plant pots – you could use them to plant a mini forest for your garden or home… 

Leaf Animals

leaf animlas

Collect some different leaves, or other natural materials, and see what kind of animals you can make with them…. Take pictures and stick them in your journal. 


Print-making: Leaves and Animal Tracks

Print making is a fun and easy way to explore art for any age or ability… Here are two forest inspired ideas for you to try. Leaf printing from The Imagination Tree, and bear track potato printing from Mrs Plemon’s Kindergarten

Have fun, and do share what you make… 

Some Afternoon Reading

Into the Forest

The deer started. She trembled for a moment, then listened.  

A grey-black spring night still lay like a blanket over the sky. Along the edge of the wood, in the damp air, the peaty scent of the heath beyond mingled with the faint mustiness of last year’s fallen leaves. It was quiet, as if the whole island of Britain were waiting for something to happen in the silence before the dawn.

Then suddenly, a skylark started singing in the dark. Only he had seen the hint of paleness on the horizon.

The deer turned her head, not satisfied. Something was approaching.

Puckle made his way through the wood. There was no need to move silently. As his feet brushed the leaves or snapped a twig, he might have been mistaken for a badger, wild pig or some other denizen of the Forest.

Journal Prompts


Use the image above to give you ideas, then fill a page in your sketchbook or journal with all sorts of trees… 

Write a mini fairytale about an enchanted wood. What animals live there – are they magic? Which animals are good and bad? Which animal is the hero?

Thing about forests in different countries – where would you like to explore? I would love to visit the Black Forest in Switzerland and the Carpathian forests in Czech… What about you? Write or draw about it… 


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Katherine is a mixed media artist, art teacher, writer, designer, photographer – and mum of 2 – who works and lives in North Devon, nestled in the woods on a little smallholding. She has a BA in Performance Studies, an MA in Fine Art, and an MFA in photography, alongside a background in early years childhood and special education. Katherine uses her artistic talents, passion for helping people, and unique creativity to create articles, courses and classes that promote creativity, artistic skills, self expression and well-being. She believes in the power of the creative arts and how engaging with them can improve so many aspects of life.
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