A Call for Artists: Autumn / Winter 2020 Exhibition – Hope

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Submission is Open

This September we are very excited to launch our first online exhibition. It is open to all artists, writers, and photographers, of all ages, and from anywhere in the world. The exhibition is totally inclusive and we encourage anyone to submit creative work; regardless of profession, age, ability, location, gender, race, or anything else!

Theme - Hope

For this Autumn/Winter exhibition of 2020, we have chosen the theme of ‘Hope’. As I’m sure you will all agree, this year has been strange and difficult – and that is probably an understatement for many – but, in communities across the world, hope has never given way to despair, and creativity has shone through to represent this across social media and the great wide web of the interworld. Just think of all those beautiful rainbows children have painted this year… 

As such, we are looking for creative works, of all kinds, that represent, symbolise, and/or explicitly show ‘Hope’ in all its’ generous and splendid glory. 

This theme of hope does not have to be associated with the Covid pandemic (although, of course it can). We are looking for work that shows Hope as a universal entity at all times of humanity. Think outside the box,  think inside the box, and think like there is no box at all. Think of hope as something that has inspired you, that has influenced your community, that sits in nature, or perhaps sits within you… It is an open ended and wonder filled theme. 

Your Audience

If your work is selected, you will be part of an online exhibition that is open to a huge global audience. Of course, the internet doesn’t always work like that, but we do have a 75,000 active following across social media. We are passionate about sharing creatives’ works;  whether you are an established artist, an up and coming, a young person enjoying creative pursuits, or a happy hobbyist. Plus, isn’t great to be a part of something wonderful? 

You will receive a certificate of participation,  and there are awards up for grabs for each category. Prizes to be confirmed! 

Submission Guidelines

As we are online, our submission guidelines are only to ensure the work is presented appropriately and in its best light! 

Submission is categorised into age and medium of work. 

Age categories are:

  • Children: 0 – 12 years old
  • Teens: 13 – 17 years old
  • Students/Young Adults: 18 – 25
  • Adults – 26 +

Medium categories are:

  • Painting and printmaking
  • Drawing and illustration 
  • Sculpture, ceramics and 3d art
  • Creative writing and poetry 
  • Photography and digital art 
  • Theatre or Performance Art
  • Film and animation 
  • Mixed Media 
You can enter up to 3 pieces overall, and each may sit in any medium category; for example, you may enter one painting, one sculpture and one poem. 
  • Each piece of work must be photographed in good natural lighting, or scanned at a high resolution. 
  • 2D pieces should be flat and cropped (examples below). 
  • 3D pieces should be photographed with a relatively plain background, in good lighting, and with no distractions. 
  • Creative writing can be submitted digitally or hand written. If hand written, should be photographed to the same specs as 2D artwork. 
  • Photography can be submitted as a singular piece, or a small portfolio of 4 pieces. Photos should be at least 1000 pixels wide and 300 DPI. Photos can be taken on any device or camera.
  • Film and animation should be limited to 10 minutes, and can be shared directly from Vimeo or YouTube.
  • Theatre or Performance Art needs to be filmed, and submitted as above.
  • All visual artwork should be titled, and should have a short description; either contextualising or describing the work. No more than 300 words; we will get in touch if we need more info.
  • Creative writing work can have a short introduction
  • Mixed media may meet various guidelines; feel free to email if you need any clarification. 
  • For any other questions regarding guidelines please email us  we are happy to answer any questions. 
Submissions are due by October 20th 2020. The exhibition is due to go live on November 5th, 2020. 

Sponsorship Opportunities

Our wonderful contributors deserve adoration and recognition for their work, and we would love to present the outstanding entrants – particular the young artists – with beneficial prizes and awards! If you would like to support us on this mission, you would be given generous advertising space on our website, and promotional spots across our social media. If you are interested please contact me for an informal chat. 

Submit Your Work

Please use the following form to upload your work, and provide your information. If you encounter any technical difficulties please let me know using our contact form, or by dropping me an email. We will be in touch soon to let you know if your work has been accepted into the exhibition. Good luck, and we can’t WAIT to see your entries. 🙂 

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Thanks for Sharing!
Katherine is a mixed media artist, art teacher, writer, designer, photographer – and mum of 2 – who works and lives in North Devon, nestled in the woods on a little smallholding. She has a BA in Performance Studies, an MA in Fine Art, and an MFA in photography, alongside a background in early years childhood and special education. Katherine uses her artistic talents, passion for helping people, and unique creativity to create articles, courses and classes that promote creativity, artistic skills, self expression and well-being. She believes in the power of the creative arts and how engaging with them can improve so many aspects of life.
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