20 Autumnal Inspired Creative Writing Prompts

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Each month – or so – I like to offer some creative prompts to help overcome writer’s block, or just inspire creative pursuits. Sometimes we all need a guiding hand to offer some words or images to ignite the little spark that is inside of us, and I hope these posts help with that.

This month the theme is Autumn, or Fall – for our American friends.

Autumn can be a magical time where the light changes, bringing gold to the mornings, and drawing the evenings in close. The leaves change, creating a spectacular palette across our landscapes, and nature provides us with a plentiful harvest, should we choose to go looking. Autumn sees the sun cool as we start to prepare for winter; digging out our winter socks, and bringing in logs for the fire. The world begins to quiet some; the beaches empty, the holiday makers retreat, the windows are closed, the BBQs cease. The leaves start to fall silently and we can take a deep breathe as we inhale the change of seasons once more… Its a perfect time to snuggle up with a journal and your favourite pen; letting the Autumnal magic spark your creativity.

These prompts are here to guide and help – try not to over think things too much – just take the word or phrase and go with it… if one prompt doesn’t speak to you, try the next one, try combining a couple… search for a song or poem with one of the words, and let that inspire you. Go for a walk and take in the season around you.

Try free writing, doodling, finding a poem or piece of writing about the subject and copying, try word association or acrostic poetry to get started, write about a memory… There is no right or wrong, just give it a try…

  1. Change 
  2. Puddles 
  3. Russet 
  4. Falling 
  5. Turning 
  6. Abundance 
  7. Harvest 
  8. Warm rain 
  9. Prepare for winter 
  10. Preserve
  11. Forage 
  12. Starlit Nights 
  13. Bonfire
  14. Hedgehogs 
  15. Log piles 
  16. Toadstools 
  17. Indian summer 
  18. Early sunsets 
  19. Letting go 
  20. First frost

I hope this was useful fo you. Much love,

Katherine xx

Thanks for Sharing!
Katherine is a mixed media artist, art teacher, writer, designer, photographer – and mum of 2 – who works and lives in North Devon, nestled in the woods on a little smallholding. She has a BA in Performance Studies, an MA in Fine Art, and an MFA in photography, alongside a background in early years childhood and special education. Katherine uses her artistic talents, passion for helping people, and unique creativity to create articles, courses and classes that promote creativity, artistic skills, self expression and well-being. She believes in the power of the creative arts and how engaging with them can improve so many aspects of life.
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