Poems for Positivity

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Poems for Positivity 

As some of your may know, Jake has been reading and performing poems for the last 50+ days, since March 19th… Every night without fail he has found a poem he loves and we have filmed him performing it, at his request. You can see them all here.

Initially, this started off as a way for Jake to do drama, as he was unable to attend Youth Theatre, which he has grown to love over the last few months… It has also helped him to explore reading in a new way and he now loves to engage with poetry every day.

Jake has asked to see comments from his friends and family and he has loved seeing that some people say how much his poems cheer them up, so he wanted to not only continue with them every day, but to get other people involved by encouraging them to read, write, share and enjoy poetry…


Because of this he has come up with a new campaign – Poems For Positivity – which we have turned into a hashtag


Jake wants people to use the hashtag on social media to share poems to help spread joy and positivity across the world.

They could be poems you love, poems you’ve written, poems your children have written, you could perform the poems, simply copy the poem into a post, make a video for the poem, paint the poem… its just about sharing poetry to spread happiness. 

The only thing we ask is that your try to credit the poems correctly with the title and poet clearly stated somewhere in your post. 

Watch Jake's Video about Poems for Positivity

In addition to our little social media campaign, we are also running a poetry competition. Winners from each category will be featured on our website and social media and if we have enough entries we will look at a Poems For Positivity ebook, where the winning poems will be featured in all their glory too. You’ll also get an awesome certificate, and a special prize mailed to you! 

This competition will raise money for those suffering from, or those at risk from, domestic abuse and violence, by supporting Refuge and The Men’s Advice Line. It costs a minimum of £1 to enter a poem, and you can enter as many poems as your like. You can make your donations here on our Just Giving page. 

If you don’t want to enter a poem, you could also consider donating anyway, to support Jake is his efforts to raise money and spread happiness.

To enter your poem, please use the following form:  


So, whether you are going to join Jake in sharing #PoemsForPositivity, or whether you want to enter our poetry competition, please share Jake’s post and help him spread happiness across the world! 

Thank you! 

Thanks for Sharing!
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