In the Garden – How to Draw Trees and Flowers

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Flower Garden - Emily Nolde

Good morning, good morning! We are in our penultimate week already – hasn’t the time just flown by?! This week our theme is In the Garden, and we will be exploring flowers and trees, growing things, bugs and birds, and the little pockets of magic we can find in our gardens! Don’t worry if you only have a little balcony or small yard – there is always wonder to be found in even the tiniest of outdoor spaces! 

Today we are exploring flowers and trees, and we are starting off the morning with a drawing workshop! I have a few tutorials for you to choose from, or you can just have a go at drawing some different trees and flowers in your garden. 

Scroll down to the end of the post for some lunchtime viewing, and then later on this afternoon I will be sharing some wonderful leaf inspired art and craft activities!  

Klimt - Farm Garden with Sunflowers
Farm Garden with Sunflowers - Gustav Klimt

How to Draw Trees

Trees are beautiful, huge, majestic entities that dwell in our gardens, or if not, hopefully – nearby! Drawing them can seem like a mammoth task, but there are some simple tricks to draw them easily and with great results! Here are some of my favourite 

I love this way of drawing a tree, by Rich Davis  and you could do it with all kinds of different leaves to make all kinds of different trees! 

Here are two other super simple and effective ways to draw trees from Rich Davis! You could make a whole garden of trees with this technique – why don’t you fill page a in your journal?

How to Draw Flowers

The wonderful Love to Draw Things has a lovely Sunflower tutorial!

If you click this link, you will find all kinds of drawing guides for different flowers! Some are better than others, but you will definitely find one that you like. 

Extra Ideas - Leaf and Bark Rubbing

Leaf and bark rubbing is a great way to study the shape, pattern and texture of leaves and trees. All you need is a crayon or oil pastel and some paper. For leaf rubbing, put the leaf under the paper and rub the crayon over the leaf – you might need to experiment with how hard to rub the crayon to get the best effect, but thats all part of the fun. For bark rubbing, the same applies, but you will probably have to put the paper against the tree trunk. 

Lunchtime Viewing!

Your lunchtime viewing is from Disney’s Fantasia… Dance of the Flowers, it’s really pretty and was one of my favourite things to watch as a little girl… 

Check in this Afternoon for some wonderful leaf art activities!

Thanks for Sharing!
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