Spring 2021 Exhibition Update

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Hi everyone. I am sorry that I haven’t had a chance to send individual emails out yet. I have had a couple of weeks of health issues and technical difficulties which has put me a bit behind with the exhibition work. I am working super hard to get caught up, but the exhibition will be a week late in going live. I have made my final selections for which pieces are being included, and my next job is to send out acceptance emails this weekend.

Unfortunately I don’t have the capacity to contact everyone who entered, so if you don’t hear from me (check your spam first) it does mean that you haven’t been successful this time. When a work isn’t selected for an exhibition, it doesn’t mean that it is not a good piece of art, but usually that it doesn’t fit with the theme, doesn’t fit with the other work selected, or we already have a similar piece. So please don’t be disheartened, and do submit to us again in the future.

If you have been selected, you will receive an email with more details, once you have received this, I would be really grateful if you can reply with the info I need as swiftly as possible. Once I have all the extra info I need, and all the pages of the exhibition are ready, I will send you a link to preview the exhibition before it is advertised to the public. I am hoping that will be early next week, but please bear with me if it takes a little longer. The preview gives you a chance to let me know if there are any typos, errors, wrong links, etc. so use that opportunity to drop me an email with any corrections.

Once the previews are done, we will go live to the public. This is the perfect time to advertise the exhibition to your own followers, friends and families. I can’t wait for it to be ready and shown to the world – we have some beautiful and really interesting work to showcase!

Thanks so much for your patience and understanding. Please contact me if you have any specific questions.

Have a super Easter weekend,

Thanks for Sharing!
Katherine is a mixed media artist, art teacher, writer, designer, photographer – and mum of 2 – who works and lives in North Devon, nestled in the woods on a little smallholding. She has a BA in Performance Studies, an MA in Fine Art, and an MFA in photography, alongside a background in early years childhood and special education. Katherine uses her artistic talents, passion for helping people, and unique creativity to create articles, courses and classes that promote creativity, artistic skills, self expression and well-being. She believes in the power of the creative arts and how engaging with them can improve so many aspects of life.
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