Y. Hope Osborn

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Arkansas, USA

Artist Bio:


Hope Osborn built on a lifelong writing talent when in 2020 she earned an MA in Professional and Technical Writing with a Creative Nonfiction emphasis. She is a freelance writer and evolving artist, residing in Little Rock, Arkansas, USA. Black and white photography and abstract art are her sweet spots, and she brings imagination to reality through a unique digital abstraction of photography. Her writing and photography works are published, exhibited, and awarded, but for her, being a great author and artist is to be entrusted to express reality and imagination that captivates, inspires, or informs while enriching lives.


Art portfolio: mediamosaicart.net

General portfolio: mediamosaic.net

Instagram: yhopeosborn

Storefront: mediamosaicmarket.net

Licensed images: mediamosaicpf.net


Work Exhibited

‘Kaleidescope 14’

Color is a special gift not all of us receive. It is important to appreciate and rejoice in the color you see whatever your capability. I am blessed to revel in and play with the full spectrum this moment in time, so in this moment, I grasp, mix, and twist it to suit a hunger for rich variety and endless abstract works. Most recently, I combined applications in such a way that it is a fond reminder of my lifelong fascination with kaleidoscopes. I now create it as I vary settings in applications to come up with endless possibilities, rivaling the most valuable kaleidoscopes. This is God’s gift of joy amid dark days.

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Candid Covid Expressions are the unspoken feelings of life during our pandemic. Each work of abstract expressionism represents facets of this life. Contemplation out of the depth, Hope out of the belief, Inner Space out of the isolation, Dawn out of the clear sunrises and sunsets we were given meeting this moment in history. 

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‘The Verge’
Written work (not for sale)



Please contact Katherine if you are interested in buying this work

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