Wedad Alamin

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Artist Bio:
Born In Warsaw in 1988. Half Jordanian half Polish. She has always felt torn between two worlds. Always felt without a fixed identity … Not entirely Jordanian, too different to be Polish….
A resident of the world, who felt this to be some kind of a curse, not knowing where she belonged, until she realised that it is a blessing.

Through art she is able to create her own “ nationality“, her own place; where she felt safe, where she can bend reality and where she can really express herself. This helped her see things without any barriers, and to spot true emotions.

She thinks every piece of art has its own soul, and because everybody is different you can only feel a piece of art as if it was created just for you. She feels inspired by the human body, by the beauty of it, by those differences and details, always striving to present it not just as a cover or a coat for the flesh, but as a whole, as a full package of expression.


Work Exhibited:

Look into the Future: Aleksander

oil on canvas 

unframed and varnished


Please contact Katherine if you are interested in buying this work

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