Tina Earnshaw

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Yorkshire, UK

Artist Bio:

Tina Earnshaw is a Yorkshire artist, living in West Yorkshire, working predominantly in acrylics, water colour, oils and metallic leaf.

Her background in studying fine art at Nottingham University, a BA hons degree in History of Art is an ever present influence in her work, where she draws inspiration from a variety of styles and sources.

Leaning towards contemporary, rather than the traditional, she likes to explore expressionistic loose styles, which bring out her love of light, air and colour.

Metallic leaf is used in her pieces to add depth, giving her work an ethereal quality and reflecting the changes in light on her paintings throughout the day

Inspired by the beauty of nature and the places that she loves, she takes inspiration from the local landscape on her doorstep.

Walking miles and miles each day to sometimes just be still, she often recreates places from her childhood where she would have dreamed of fairies and mystical beings, surrounded by the beauty and wildness of nature

Magical, floral and highly uplifting pieces that bring to life the beauty of the world on our doorstep

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Work Exhibited:
‘Watching from the Glade’


Acrylic and Gold Leaf on stretched canvas

50cm by 50cm

£85 excluding postage


Please contact Katherine if you are interested in buying this work

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