Rishi Kumar

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Artist Bio:

Rishi kumar is an young and promising artist based in Uttar Pradesh, India. He pursued his MFA in printmaking from Indira IKSVV Khairagarh in 2017 , and BFA in painting from Kala bhavan Santiniketan, Visva Bharati University in 2015.

As an artist I believe in relativity of truth and process and therefor through my work I have represented the real and existing things in the physicality language visible object and texts which are travelling around me.




Work Exhibited:


My current art practice inculcates public orientation in my art and their identity. Trying to explore space and time known to me. The mode of inspiration to my subject is mahesh tea stall in khairagarh,  where I spend two three hours daily trying to understand and observed the natural emotion, expression and activities of different people. 

22″ x 28″

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