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London, UK

Artist Bio:

My name is Rasa. I am originally from Lithuania, born 1967. Now live in London, UK and working in the Health Care sector. I am a self-taught artist in the field of an Oil painting.
Drawing has been my passion since I was a child however my parents didn’t encourage my interest in arts as they wanted me to succeed in more traditional subjects as a professional and so it happened that I stopped painting for many years and buried my dream to become an artist.

It wasn’t until November 2019, that oil painting on canvas appeared very unexpectedly in my life and my passion to paint came back into my life in a completely different light. I am so grateful to the Lord for granting me this talent, a gift that I can share with others. Today, this is my hobby and the best way to spend time.
I found great inspiration in the old masters like Turner or Pre-Raphaelite. With their use of colour & light. I have been developing and improving my painting skills and I hope to one day become a professional artist whose works will attract people, give them joy and glorify the name of the Lord. .



Work Exhibited:

Oil on canvas
In these difficult times for all of us this is probably the one thing we all need the most… 



Oil on canvas
“The lion, which is mightiest among beasts and does not turn back before any.”
Proverbs 30:30



Please contact Katherine if you are interested in buying this work

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