Noleen Jones

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South Wales, UK

Artist Bio:

Jones was born and raised in Northern Ireland and made her home in South Wales in 1998.
She is a mixed media artist working with organic and found materials and Photography.

Drawing connections between landscape and Human interaction using the natural environment and local area for inspiration Jones has developed a strong practice in her community over the last number of years and has a keen interest in participatory practice. this has led to her engaging the local residents in site-specific workshops and installations. A particular area of interest and a driving force behind her work is the growing disconnect between human beings and the natural world.


Work Exhibited:
‘The Banded Demoiselle’

Medium: Acrylic Paint on dried Sycamore leaf.
32cm x 32cm (framed) 

I collected and dried some Autumn leaves a few years ago and thought they would make some really interesting canvases to showcase these British species of insect.
Acrylic Paint on dried Sycamore leaf.

Price: £65 (Framed) plus postage  

Please contact Katherine if you are interested in buying this work

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