Lois Mooney

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London, UK

Artist Bio:

Lois Mooney is a recent Photography graduate from the University for the Creative Arts. Her practice often involves themes of memory and place; seeking inspiration from the natural world, she frequently finds herself photographing in familiar landscapes. She is drawn to capture the ‘everyday’ nature that we so often overlook, in a bid to explore the natural world and our relationship with it. She mainly works with analogue means; primarily medium format for its thoughtful process, but also enjoys experimenting with alternative processes.




Work Exhibited:
‘The Way We Walk’

The Way We Walk adopts the method of walking with my camera, as a way to explore the act of looking and appreciating my surroundings. When I began this work I was conscious to move away from the idea of walking for practicality, and instead focus on walking as a meditative experience; one in which we become immersed in our thoughts and surroundings. Having had an affinity for the natural world since childhood, this work became about exploring this love through walking and adopting a slow way of seeing. Fascinated by the mundane, the ordinary and the often overlooked, ‘The Way We Walk’ presents the beauty in everyday nature and invites the audience to rediscover with the natural world.

This is an ongoing project that began just before the first UK Lockdown in 2020, and has helped me through the ones following. I am constantly amazed by the changes that happen within the natural world as seasons come and go, but I think that this past year made me appreciate these even more. Adapting a slower pace of life and focusing on walking, not only grounded me, but made me recognise the beauty that surrounds us that is so often missed. Since I started this work, I have moved from my small village in Hampshire, to London, where walking with my camera has provided me with a sense of escapism from city life. I hope that my images convey this and provide the viewer with the same sense of solace and gratitude that I feel when I am taking them.


This work is not for sale. 

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