Lesley Anne Cornish

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Devon, UK

Artist Bio:

I have had a long career spanning over forty plus years painting in all mediums, and I have taught in art studios in Spain, Berkshire and Wiltshire, and also given demonstrations to various clubs. My paintings hang in America, Canada, Finland, Spain, Germany and throughout the UK.
My subjects and styles are varied as I like to try new techniques and mediums, most of my work is in inks, oils, acrylics and watercolours, A great deal of my inspiration comes from by my local North Devon coast.

There are always new ways to look at, and capture my subject with contrasts of structure, light and shade, and use a variety of techniques and mediums to produce the desired effect.




Work Exhibited:


Deep Dive

Contemporary abstract, very large feature work.

Acrylics on canvas

100 x 70 cms –  unframed

 £350.00 (GBP) + postage

Includes Certificate of Authenticity



Traditional full length portrait, chiaroscuro style.

Oils on  standard edge canvas

24” x 18”   unframed

£750.00 (GBP) + postage

Includes Certificate of Authenticity


Please contact Katherine if you are interested in buying this work

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