Katherine Lockett-Clark

Devon, UK

Artist Bio:
Katherine is a photographer, artist, writer and advocate of creative arts and well being, living and working in the wilds of North Devon, England, with her husband, 2 children and many animals. 

She graduated with an MFA in Photography from Ulster University in 2019, and has had her work featured and exhibited in Northern Ireland, China, the USA, and in England. 

In art and life, Katherine is fascinated with our connection to the natural world, the weird and wonderful, the fragile flickers in between light and dark. She is interested in capturing the incandescent moments, the real life fairy tales that are waiting to be found, and the small pieces of magic that improve our well being every day. 



A Bird in the Hand website

Fine Art website

Work Exhibited:

Toadlet, from A Bird in the Hand 

A Bird in the Hand is a photo book that offers a contemplative reflection on escaping to a wild place to reconnect with nature and ourselves. The series concentrates on a mindful connection to wildlife, nature and our environment, as well as the tender relationships we have with our family and self. A Bird in the Hand considers how we engage with nature – large and small – in order to refocus our sense of identity and find clarity and hope in this often restless and disconcerting world. 

Toadlet explores a moment of connection between humans and wildlife, specifically with a new life that  shows the promise of more to come. 


Red Sky at Night, from A Bird in the Hand 

Red Sky at Night contemplates our place in the vast world, our connections with each other and ourselves, whilst also exploring the joy, beauty and hope we can find in our skies on Earth.  


Various prints available, contact for details. 

Original single edition photo book also available


Please contact Katherine if you are interested in buying this work

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