Justin Oliver

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London, UK

Artist Bio:

Located in the culturally vibrant capital London for his adult life, Oliver took a keen interest in the beauty of modern Abstract Expressionism whilst working at Sotheby’s, London. Born in 1983, Oliver; also of Twist Studio, inherited an artistic passion from his mother, sharing an eclectic diverse mix of influences. These include elements of classic Impressionism, Surrealist, Pop Art, Modern British Art and Minimalist styles. The phenomena of colour vibrations are celebrated in the Action Painting techniques and enjoyment in the exploration of colours, design and their energetically vibrant relationship with each other. Figurative depictions, natural environment, surreal landscapes also tend towards the display of Abstract Expressionism. 


The meeting and merging of bold adjacent colours enliven feelings of ease, joy, acceptance and peaceful emotions. Multicoloured merging spurts of acrylic paint in motion occur in a style of gestural abstraction. On the surface of many works appear metallic fragments, crystals and other unusual materials which catch layered texture and reflect light, therefore giving glowing depth and a pulsating energetic mood. 

Work Exhibited:
‘Odyssey II’


Acrylic and mixed media on canvas 
20 x 24inches 
Not framed 

‘Odyssey II‘ embarks on a hazy abstract exploration through physical spacial composition. The exposed canvas gives a raw earthy quality. The rich paint is poured and dribbled on directly, then moved expressively, with sparkling transparency amidst bold, psychedelically flowing forms of colour. The subconscious surrealist dream world is conveyed in the minds discovering eye.


£1,200 inc. UK postage 


Please contact Katherine if you are interested in buying this work

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