Jay Gadhia

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Yorkshire, UK

Artist Bio:

My influences are heritage, cultural traditions, and the ‘Journey’. My work has spiritual rather than religious influence based around sexuality and masculine vulnerability.
My work explores facets of masculinity, spirituality and the body and I am deeply process led in terms of my installation work. I work in a range of media including paint, chalk, slate, large scale community murals and video installation.



Work Exhibited:

32inch x 32inch
Oil on stretched canvas 

This is from a series of work that explores the tapestry of identity, self, introspection and reflection. By unravelling we think we are falling apart…sometimes, the opposite is true. By unravelling, we see ourselves in a linear way and get an opportunity to re-stitch an alternative image. These works are an exploration of the landscape of the body, masculine vulnerability and the spectrum of identity from personal, spiritual and playful perspective.
We naturally wear masks. What are we hiding? Who or what are we hiding from? Do we delicately veil true self as form of self-preservation?

I have used oil paint in these works. I find oil paint a difficult medium and have found it a challenge. It’s a very slow process which in one way thematically reinforces the work but in another, it has forced me to slow down and gradually discover the bodies shown.


Please contact Katherine if you are interested in buying this work

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