Jacob Bradley

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Devon, UK

Artist Bio:

My name is Jacob Bradley, and I am 14 years old. I live in a small town in North Devon called Bideford. I am home educated, and I have a keen interest in photography. I have been doing it for 3 years and currently studying for my GCSE in photography. I am the youngest member of my local camera club where I get listen to professional photographers and learn new skills from other members. After listening to a talk from a photographer called Andrew McCarthy, I felt inspired to explore macro photography. I enjoy taking photos of nature (apart from spiders), but I am not so keen on taking photos of people. In my spare time I like free running, goal keeping and computer games.


Work Exhibited:

‘Robin Deep in Thought’

‘Need a Helping Hand’



Throughout lockdown I have been walking around my local area a lot more than I used to. My nan, who is 72 and lives alone has found lockdown particularly lonely because she has not been looking after any of her grandchildren as she has been shielding. I decided to form a bubble with her, and we go on daily walks together. 

I have enjoyed discovering new places and new things to photograph. Recently, the sun has been shining and I have been taking my camera on our daily walks. Whilst walking through an archway of bushes and trees alongside the river I spotted a robin up on a high tree. This has been one of my favourite birds since I was little. I stopped to try and get a photo and then it flew down onto a fence right next to me. It was almost like it was posing and wanted its photo taken. I came back on subsequent days and it was still there, and it also brought a friend. 

Further along the river, my Nan pointed out these strange pieces of moss that had stems growing out of them. Most of them had at least 10 stems but I found one that only had two. I think that it looks like alien arms climbing out of a hole. On the same walk some vivid purple crocuses caught my eye. As I was setting up the shot a bee happened to land on the flower that I was taking a photo of and I captured the shot just as my camera battery died. I changed my battery, and I was thrilled that I managed to get it. 

I continue to enjoy my walks with my Nan and make sure that I take my camera. I wonder what I will discover tomorrow.



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