Iryna Vorona

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Artist Bio:

Iryna Vorona was born in 1987 in Kyiv (Ukraine), where she lives and works today. Artist, curator, author of “mixed light” technique. She mainly works in the genre of “inner portrait”. Master’s degree at Fine Arts, National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture (NAFAA), Kyiv, Ukraine (2018).
Science: PhD researcher, postgraduate program at the NAFAA, research field -symbols of contemporary art.
2020- CEO and founder of the “Mokonshu” virtual gallery and art organization. In 2020 Iryna was included in National Ukraine rating of the “Top 100 outstanding women of Kyiv region”. In 2018 she was granted with Kyiv head of administration art prize for special record of achievements in development of the capital of Ukraine – Kyiv. In 2018 and 2018 years Iryna was awarded with Diploma of the International Academy of Rating Technologies and Sociology “Golden Fortune”.
Grants: Ukraine President Grant (Ukraine, 2019), “Culture Bridges” mobility grant program (Spain, 2018) and Erasmus+ (Croatia, 2017).



Work Exhibited:
‘The World is Temporarily Closed’

Acrylic and markers on cardboard
140×100 cm

The #covidart series, that I’m applying with is based on true events of 2020 year.
Last year was a period of change for most people, both positively and negatively.
Man is accustomed to being mobile, accustomed to the fact that the world is open, that even the most remote corner of the world can be reached in the shortest possible time. Last year was a test for most people, both for those who found themselves isolated in their own country and for those who became isolated in a foreign country. The artwork “The world is temporarily closed” says that this phenomenon, the closedness of the world is temporary, and that in fact, openness or closedness exists only in the minds of everyone. Being open or closed depends on us, because you can be happy anywhere.



‘Life Disconnected from Reality’

 2020, acrylic and markers on cardboard
140х100 cm

Last year was a period of change for most people, both positively and negatively. Artwork “Life disconnected from reality” depicts a moment of breakdown, a feeling that appears suddenly as a result of changing life situations. The man has not yet had time to adjust his life to new events, he froze for a while between before and after. In any case, this moment of pause cannot last forever, because time cannot be turned back. So, if it seems to you that your life is detached from reality, it’s time to create a new reality.


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