Ingka Hella Charters

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Devon, UK

Artist Bio:

Art has always been, still is, a vital part of her life and living.

Born in wartime Germany she later lived in England and in her adult life she studied Art and Design at Goldsmiths and the Central School in London.

Eventually she emigrated to Canada with her young family and established her Graphic Design Practice in Toronto.

Returning to live in England and Europe she then pursued her love of drawing and explored Ceramics.

She now lives in the wild of North Devon where she works and shares the beaches and countryside with her two Dachshunds.





Work Exhibited:

Morning Mist  

This is a greyscale digital drawing of the dawn’s luminous light by the Atlantic in North Devon.


Golden Rain

Digital drawing of the sea where I live reflecting the golden winter light, where seemingly out of nowhere rain will fall at times and is gone as quickly as it came.


Before Nightfall 

Digital drawing capturing the magic of dusk where the fading light changes the perception of what actually is, where folklore comes alive and dreams are real.



40cm x 40cm
authenticated and signed Gicleé Canvas Prints of high quality
£175 each 


Please contact Katherine if you are interested in buying this work

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