Heather Williams

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North Wales, UK

Artist Bio:

My name is Heather Williams and I am 18 years old. I am a self taught artist with my own Etsy shop and multiple social media pages and accounts. I didn’t take art at gcse or a level- just lots of trial and error and learning new skills. I love to paint in watercolours and acrylic and I am always up for trying new things and learning more about certain techniques and trying to create original art. I love the thrill of creating paintings from my imagination and the pleasure it brings to people to have a piece of art on their wall. I am very busy balancing commissions, and studying for my A Levels and with my part time job.

I live in a very rural area of North Wales, and there are so many landscapes and stunning views, but some of my favourite things to paint and admire are simple flowers. Each one is delicate and unique and requires much precision and accuracy in order to try to recreate the beauty of the wildflowers. 

Work Exhibited:

‘Snowdownia Sunset ‘

Awaiting Details 


‘Discovering Wild Flowers ‘

This piece involves lots of greenery and such as wild grass and wheat, which is common to Wales and representative of the agriculture present. They add texture and life to the painting. This painting aims to show that even the parts of nature which are most commonly trodden on or picked can be the most beautiful, when discovered and examined closely.


Awaiting sale info  


Please contact Katherine if you are interested in buying this work

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