Grietje Drooglever

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Kaag, Netherlands

Artist Bio:

My name is Grietje Drooglever, 38 years old and living on the very small island Kaag in the Netherlands. I work as a teacher and as an artist. I’m active in the following disciplines: drawing, mixed-media, collage and writing.

I create detailed compositions composed of small drawings and paintings, photos, clippings, objects, letters, old personal papers, scraps of text or dried finds from nature. Each composition thus becomes an independent, but unfinished and frayed world. As a viewer, you have to find your way through this list of memories, whether or not fictional.

My work is about the passing of time, loneliness, transience and silence. In addition, I write ultra short stories that are closely related to my visual work.

For more information:

Facebook and Instagram: @grietjedrooglever



Work Exhibited:

The work is made from paper, a shell, a butterfly and some leaves. (Mixed-media assemblage)
The size of this work (unframed) is around 15cm x 10cm.

€350 – including postage and frame.

If you are interested in buying this work, please contact Katherine here. 

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