Featured Artist – Sue Giblett

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Living in an area of outstanding natural beauty Sue is influenced by the landscape around her in North Devon. 

Her work seeks to bring you the essence of the place she has been to, the colours, the textures, the feel of the place rather than an accurate depiction. Autumn is one of her favorite seasons and the browns, golds, reds, and yellows of this season feature highly in her work.

Sue dyes most of the fabrics she uses, either with rust or with natural plant dyes that she makes from plants in her garden or grows on her allotment. Other colours are added using recycled materials.

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Sue exhibited in the 2020 OSCA Winter Exhibition and was awarded the Bronze Award for Art and Design. 

Beauty in Winter
Two Trees
After the Fire
Beginning - Sue Giblett
In the Beginning
Birch Trees - Sue Giblett
Birch Trees
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