Edward Georg Konradin Köchling

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Artist Bio:
Edward Georg Konradin Köchling began his acting career during high school. After heated discussions and much disagreement about his role, he rewrote most of his script in order to express his inner voice. Driven by the goal of combining different concepts and mediums, he gave further expression to his creativity via painting, film-making, and photography. Having completed a successful training in the area of media studies, he graduated from the Applied University of Offenburg with three film productions and continues to pursue collaborations for new film projects up to this date. He earns a living through professional photography, VJ performance, and videography. As a live visual artist, his work combines original content with electronic music genres ranging from techno to rock, as a visual accompaniment for bands within these music scenes. For an exposition at Sidonia park, he designed a series of artworks covering the theme of “healing” for the purposes of southing patients with severe health conditions and creating an environment that is conducive for their well-being.








Work Exhibited:

New Beginnings

In this fictional distopia, due to an ecological crisis, people have to adapt and survive by modifying and altering nature.

Print on canvas
80 cm x 120 cm
€ 220



Please contact Katherine if you are interested in buying this work

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