Didier Riva

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Artist Bio:

Didier started photography in the 80′ in Paris, taking portraits of students at the at the Actor’Studio, which led to work for the cinema, theatre and the music scene ( jazz, rock, flamenco). Didier worked with the Mime artist Marcel Marceau on his show : Le Manteau ( the Coat ). In 1998 he moved to Ireland where he joined the Mullingar camera club and became Licenciate of the Irish Photographic Federation.His work includes reportages for festivals as well as family events and Fine Art. Didier had a few collective and solo exhibitions.: Mullingar Musicians ( a series of B&W portraits) in 2012 and Spirits of Nature, a series of photographs revealing the invisible world in Nature. Today Didier lives in Co.Sligo and is working on a few simultanous projects trying to align his Eye with his Heart.

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Work Exhibited:

The Genial Mike Absalom

These photos are part of an ongoing project called Creative People Portraits
This is Mike Absalom. A multi-instrumental musician ,a poet, singer, songwriter , painter. To me Mike is a genius. We met 2 years ago at a friend’s house and felt a connection. In April 2019 we did a series of portraits with his musical instruments . A year ago the world was in turmoil but Mike , 80 years old, said to me on the phone during the lockdown : ” I am using the time to learn more guitar, write new songs, practice the accordeon and harp , write more poems, and paint “. After the lockdown he asked me to come to his studio to photograph his 15 new paintings. So this 80 year old man , living in a small cottage in the middle of nowhere in Ireland, isolated for 4month, barely seing anyone can give HOPE to anyone through creativity .


This work is not for sale. 

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