Arpa Mukhopadhyay


Artist Bio:
Arpa Mukhopadhyay is an emerging artist based in Pune, India. She believes that art is the greatest therapy known to mankind and has been painting since the time she was six. She is drawn to simplicity, love, hope and inner peace and most of her paintings have their basis on the same. The dichotomy between good and evil, war and peace, natural and artificial, love and hatred and different contrasting emotions reflect in her paintings. Arpa loves acrylics, and most of her works are based in acrylics or mixed media. Her paintings have adorned the houses of many art lovers all over India. She has turned pro around three years back and her paintings have since been selected in different exhibitions and art festivals the world over.

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Work Exhibited:

‘Hope – An Abstraction of Hope’
In this painting, home is depicted as the abstraction of hope. Here home is used in the figurative sense, an abode where there is light and hope. Irrespective of the chaos outside, within the house all the elements are untouched and bright. Also the window and the door emanate a bright light of hope.

mixed media on canvas
18 x 14 inches 
$ 349 (USD)

A Mother’s Hope’

Inspired by the great Indian master painters, this art piece is a combination of contemporary and traditional art in India. The painting depicts a village mother’s love and hope for a better future for her child, which we can also symbolize with a lit diya, or candle, which is full of warmth and brightness.

mixed media on canvas
18 x 14 inches 
$ 349 (USD)



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