Arline Winkel

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Suriname, South America

Artist Bio:

Arline Winkel is a dutch artist and owner of an art school for children. She is based in Suriname, South America. She graduated from the Nola Hatterman Art Academy in Suriname in 2015. Since, she has participated in several group exhibitions on- and off-line in Suriname and abroad. In 2018 she had her first solo exhibition in Paramaribo Suriname. 




Work Exhibited:
‘Late Afternoon Walk’

The work “late afternoon walk” is part of a series in which I want to convey the beauty of “small nature”. Suriname is covered in magical rainforest. It’s a magnificent and beautiful country. However environmental awareness is not really a thing (yet). Trash can be found everywhere. By discovering “small nature” – where trash is found-  and portraying its beauty I hope to make people more aware of their environment.

Acrylic on Canvas – 130 x 70 cm



This work is not for sale

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