Anastasiu Oana

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Artist Bio:

I am an artist at the starting point of my career, trying to be visible to the world. Being an artist fresh out of university is really hard to make people interested in me as a figure and in my art, I work every day, by now I have been working with a lot of mediums, like oil or acrylic or watercolors, I also have a series of seven installations, which forms an even bigger installation. I am focusing more on documentary photography in order to document my art and using photography as well as a medium. I feel like I still have so much to share with the world even the projects I haven`t even started yet, but they are locked in my mind and ready to be created. I also like to write about art sometimes, because I get this amalgam of feelings, and writing about them takes the edge off, so here are glimpses of my thoughts:

November 2019
“ I used to love art so much, that it consumed me, in a way, I am not real in my own reality, anymore.“

January 2021
“ I was born an artist in a world full of people. “




Work Exhibited:
‘The Mother’ & ‘Baby in the House’ 

70 x 100cm

The watercolor paintings envision how a baby can change the world of a woman. Discovering a new way of dealing with the challenges of the said world and the adjustments required for such change. I believe having a new life inside you, growing, or even raising one is an act of unconditional love. In the first painting, a woman appears having a drink, without a care in the world, whilst in the last painting is composed of two characters, mother and baby, where the mother kisses the baby’s cheek, emphasizing the tender feeling of motherly love. 


This work is not for sale. 

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