Ana Jovanovska

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Artist Bio:

Ana Jovanovska was born in 1991 in Kumanovo, Macedonia. She holds an MFA in the Graphic Art Field.

Her practice is rooted in deep observation and reaction to the current times and spaces, affected by the moralizing of traditions and a sense of urgency in the discourse of contemporaneity. She is interested in research based in rethinking, re-imagining, and re-telling narratives, debating that the structure of society is in many ways conditioned by the structure of language itself. Ana works in all mediums where the idea determines the medium of the work at hand.

Ana had 12 independent and more than 150 group exhibitions in Macedonia, Serbia, Montenegro, Greece, Bulgaria, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Romania, Czech Republic, Poland, Belgium, Russia, Italy, France, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Mexico, Argentina, Peru, Colombia, India, Israel, Nigeria, UK, USA and so on.
She currently works as an artist and a graphic designer.



Work Exhibited:
‘Neighbours’ & ‘Tenderness’


These works are a part of a larger concept titled The New Normal, which is a personal documentary project, accumulative, poetical, and a longful one, in time of physical distancing and social solidarity, police curfews, and restrictions. The names and dates are on the stills themselves and all are digital photographs and recordings, 2020.
They keep getting made as a way of making sense of and recording the passing of time, and at the same time offering insight into discovering new ways of seeing the world around us.

Any size available on request. 
45 x 30 cm is €44 plus postage

Please contact Katherine if you are interested in buying this work

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