Alice Eleni Pouli

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Artist Bio:
Alice Eleni Pouli is a licensed Psychologist-Psychotherapist (Cognitive Behavioral) of Greek descent. She lives in Athens, Greece. She holds an MSc in Psychiatry and is the founder of Ψ Fitness Team of Dedicated Mental Health Experts and the blog No Health without Mental Health. She has worked in Liaison Psychiatric Department and Psychosocial Rehabilitation Units. She is also involved in courses and seminars design, organization, and implementation of Mental Health Awareness Workshops, Human Resources Management, translation of diagnostic/psychoeducational tools, and writing. As she says “Creativity is a renewable resource of energy, internal and external stimuli might spike creativity.”


Work Exhibited:

Elpis (Hope) 

The photograph was taken at Horefto Beach, Eastern Pelion, Greece. This photo was shot with strong feelings of hope, even if seen from a small hole. A health threat reevaluated as a health challenge and hope flourished


This work is not for sale 

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