2021 Spring Exhibitors Under 12 years old

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Jake - Devon, UK - 11 years old

Artist Bio:

Jake is home educated in Devon, UK, and thoroughly enjoys photography, invention and being in nature. He is a fungi and bird enthusiast, as well as being interested in sustainable technology and saving the environment. Jake exhibits 3 photographic works which all focus on nature,  light and discoveries! Jake’s works are for sale as photographic prints. Please contact Katherine for details. 

Underwater World 
Green Magic 

Ella - Jersey, Channel Islands - 11 years old

Artist Bio: Ella is 11 years old and lives on the island of Jersey in the Channel Islands. Ella’s work is titled ‘New Life’, and beautifully shows us the magic discovery of blossom trees in the Spring. 


Eve Nuth - England

Artist Bio: My name is Eve, and i love art, from a young age i am always making a mess.
I love using water colours, paint, pencils, pens, paper, card board and food to create a picture to express my self..


Eve’s work epitomises children discovering the world. 


Maddie Huxtable - Devon, UK - 12 years old

Artist Bio: My name is Madeleine (Maddie is what my friends call me), I am 12 years old last December.
I love arts, crafts basically anything I can use my hands to create. I adore painting and hope to take it much further in my studies to become a well known artist.

Maddie has painted in acrylic paint a picture of a cat that has appeared in our garden stalking its first prey in the garden.


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