Ingenium Center

The OSCA Ingenium Center is a subdivision of the Open School of Creative Arts and Well Being where all the creative engineering and STEAM activities takes place. 

In Ingenium you will find posts, resources, curriculums, online classes, and real life (Devon, UK based) sessions. These include Nature Engineering, Lego Sense, Little Engineers, Recycled Science and more.

Read on to see what is available right now!

Lego Sense – on Zoom!

Lego Sense is a hands on STEM based creative engineering class that uses Lego building as a way to engage with maths, engineering concepts, design skills and physics.  The sessions are fun and practical, and are also designed to improve children’s well being, communication and self esteem. 

Suitable for 5-13 year olds (but you know your child best). 

You can book one class, or join one of our current 5 week blocks. Click to find out more about Block 1 and Block 2, and our Spring Workshop – Build a Playground! 

This page is a work in progress, so check back soon, or contact us if you can’t find what you are looking for. 

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